Horoscope Aquarius May 2024 – astrological advice

Soulful and romantic, sensitive to experiment Horoscope Aquarius May 2024 – personal forecast from astrologers on.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign

May will be in the spirit of personal development. Sagittarians will have all their senses sharpened, which will help them find their way in all areas of life, especially in relationships. You will be very open to new information and experiences. However, you may be oversensitive in some situations, which could easily discourage your partner. The best thing to do is to let your emotions flow, observe them, and then draw a certain conclusion from it that will move you forward. During this period, you will compare your priorities, clarify your life goals and go after them.

Horoscope Aquarius May 2024 – the most extensive predictions of astrologers here.


During the first week, Venus is in the field of love, so you are still playful and fluttery. This month brings you a focus on the field of love during this period as Mars and Mercury move into this sector. By entering this field (May 11), Mars will make crazy turns, where you will surprise yourself. Many of you will feel a stronger libido, a desire for adventure. After that, he will invest a lot of energy to sort out his emotions and you will have opportunities, but remember that sometimes things happen “upside down” when Mercury reverses its course (May 18). In love relationships, communication can be more complicated and difficult. Decisions should never be made in haste, especially after a few words. Build a foundation on feelings, and calm discussions. Singles will not have as much time for love encounters as it seems at first glance. They relationship will only survive if the flame continues to exist, regardless of the twisted thoughts you are now prone to. Don’t forget that Jupiter is still in your partnership sector and aspects the field of love and the planets in it (Mars and Mercury). All this contributes to exciting turns as if you were in a movie where it is inscrutable to see the next step. Horoscope Aquarius May 2024 – find out what the stars have prepared for you.

Relationship horoscope

With astral dissonances, you are very present and you become stuffy. Suddenly, you distance yourself and doubts settle. Find the right compromise and you will no longer be stunned by the reproaches of your other half.

Astrological predictions – family

Of money they will be very good. May will be the month where apart from their salary, Pisces could receive income from the sale of a property, advertising and online sales. These will make them feel great because they would allow them to pay for important whims. With the family everything will be fine. Those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces will need to focus on harmonizing their family to achieve their emotional stability. This won’t be easy for them.

Astrologers forecast – money

The improvement you’ve been waiting for comes on May 11 via Jupiter in Aries. Luck will also be helped by Mars, which joins it on May 25. This month, your daily activity is back on track. What you thought was painful turns less and less. You gain on speed. You like your activity. You find a smile and a desire to create and take on. On the financial side, if you manage your bills by looking to the stars, you can end up staying dry! To avoid this, stick to a budget with a calculator, even if it seems boring.


May causes conflicting feelings in Aquarius. He is at a crossroads in his personal life and doesn’t know where to go. Her love life will bother her the most. He begins to doubt whether his partner is the real one, and memories of his old love surface, so he begins to compare them. You need to try to find an inner balance and switch off a little. It’s good to go for a walk in the forest, the fresh air and a little exercise can’t hurt either. You are also recharged when you are with others, so invite a friend over for a glass of wine and have a good time together.

Financial horoscope

May will bring out some conflicting feelings in Aquarius. You will come to a crossroads in your personal life, and you will not know which way to go. Your love life will trouble you the most. You will begin to question whether your partner is the right one, and memories of your old love will begin to surface, and you will begin to compare the two of them. You should try to find an inner balance and turn off too little. Going for a walk in the woods, fresh air and some exercise will be good for you. You will also feel recharged when you are with other people so invite one of your friends for a glass of wine and have fun together.

Astrological predictions – health

May will stir up some conflicting feelings in Aquarius. You will reach a crossroads in your private life and you will not know where to turn. Your love life will trouble you the most. You will begin to question whether your partner is the right one, and memories of your old love will begin to surface and you will begin to compare the two. You should try to find an inner balance and disconnect for a while. A walk in the forest, fresh air and a little exercise will do you good. You’ll also feel recharged when you’re with other people, so invite one of your friends over for a glass of wine and feel good together.

Astrologers forecast – work

The card has one of the names Domination, which may evoke in you the idea of ​​controlling the world around you, but the tarot would never advise you to do this. Tarot interpretation leaves free will to every person, so you have to start with yours. Try to devote more time to creative activities, direct your energy in the right direction. With a strong will, you will definitely succeed! But allow yourself plenty of time to rest.


May is making an easy start from May 2, thanks to Venus, which adds extra charm to your communication style. When philosophical Jupiter reaches this area of ​​your natal chart on May 10, your words will have even more power and impact. Use your persuasion wisely, because people will definitely be willing to follow you. You will certainly be inspired, but beware of unnecessary risks. Again on May 10, when Mercury goes retrograde, your judgment will be somewhat impaired. Brace yourself during the Lunar Eclipse on May 16. This occurs in the career zone of your natal chart and can bring shocks, surprises and curveballs tied to your job and long-term prospects. As alarming as it may sound, you have it. This much, Take it as a reminder from the universe that you must ensure that your work aligns with your true purpose. When the Sun changes signs on May 20, you will feel empowered to make the necessary changes. Inform your family fully about your plans because when Mercury retrogrades into your family zone on May 22, they may be confused and feel left out. When Mars passes into your intelligence zone on May 24, you will be able to move forward towards your new goals. For a sweeter and more relaxed time at home, check out the arrival of Venus in your family territory on May 28. Meanwhile, the New Moon on May 30 promises lots of joy and fun if you can find time for some laughter in your life. Aquarius children may experience sensitivities related to these teeth and ears. It is useful to be in control without worrying.There may be chaos in your relationships this month. You adore your partner, but even so, you’ll often find yourself looking back on your last relationship and wondering what you did wrong. The relationship with your ex is not the best and you would like to change that. You will have a reliable perception on the phases of the moon. It will affect your mood, your engagement at work and your health. You will be especially prone to joint pain and your skin will also be sensitive. So don’t hesitate to invest in quality body lotions and vitamins.

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